A feeling like no other

Have you ever fell in love? Have you ever felt the happiness when the person you love and admired gives you her/his time and attention. Falling in love is one the best things that an individual could ever feel, mix of emotions and sometimes all you ever think about is that person. When you love someone or when you fell for that person, you can do things that even yourself didn’t even know. Falling in love brings out the best in you, it’s like a gateway or a bridge to happiness. Falling in love feels like your laying down in the clouds while enjoying the view, isn’t that great? At first, you’ll think that “I’m not in love, I’m just happy” but as time pass by and you were able to spend most of your time with that person, you won’t even realize that you already fell.  For me, I use that feeling to motivate me and to inspire me on my everyday activity and in my everyday life. Do you know what’s the best feeling if you love someone? It’s when he/she loves you back.

Love is not just a feeling, it’s a combination of action and words, that proves that you really love someone. Love is uncontrollable and also unavoidable, love will always find you, we be will destined to someone, who have the same interest that you have, someone that will love you everyday and someone that will struggle with you no matter how hard it is. Love is a challenge, you have to put effort, attention and time. It’s true that even if you love each other it won’t always be happy, you will experience pain, anger and sadness but what’s important is that you stay and fix the problem than leave or end the love. Love makes us vulnerable in a good way, it melts our heart and makes it flatter. Love is pure, and love is true, because it builds free will and free choice, not pain and manipulation. Love is patience and unbreakable, you don’t need to rush love and force love, because true love waits.

Love, doesn’t cost or give you sadness, you experience sadness because of pain, loneliness, and frustration, love is the one that covers it up. Love is acceptance, you accept his/her flaws, and no matter what happens you’ll love that person the same way. Love is a journey “Starting at forever, ending at never” you’ll always find ways to make that person stay with you. When you say the word “I love you” you should mean it, because love is not a joke, love is not a toy that you can play with, love is important and with love you can almost accomplish anything. The saying “Love is in the air” love is everywhere, you can’t see it but you can feel it. Love is like an experiment, you try different things, different approach to see if which one is appropriate or which one will work.

Love is a need in one’s life, it helps us keep going and live our life more. Love is not only base on boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or marriage, there is love for family, love for God, love for friends and love for self. It is a gift, and the feeling one could always cherish and give importance to. There are times that you can’t even explain the happiness that you feel, you can’t stop smiling, your face turns red, the happiness is genuine. Love has a lot of meaning, and a lot of metaphors and similes. It’s never ending, love is in the air, love is everywhere, love is unlimited and love is free. Love is not something that you can take for granted, you can’t play with love, love is fragile when it got hurt, it slowly fades and a sometimes you’ll bring down the person that loves you or others truly and honest. It will be the best feeling and always will be, it’s better than winning a lottery or hitting the jackpot, because if you meet someone that will love you truly and honestly, that is already a jackpot. You don’t need to find love, because love will find you.

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