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Tara Chisholm said “Photography is the beauty of life capture”, Camera is a “device used for recording visual images in the form of photographs, film, or video signals”. When you have a camera, you see things in a different angle, or different approach. Cameras are created to “to help people develop pictures that took less time to make and were higher quality”. Are cameras important? The answer is Yes, because they have the ability to capture everything, and Cameras makes artists “to look farther, dream bigger, and imagine greater and, they will continue to do so for centuries to come”we take pictures because it feels like we are in another dimension of imagination and creativity. Cameras are not created to only take photos, but also to capture different emotions and it helps the people to see the truth. Cameras are created to “to help people create pictures that took less time to make and were higher quality”. Cameras are now part of every individual because we love to capture every moment and since technology is getting more advanced every year, it gets easy for us to use a camera, as for myself I use my smartphone camera to take pictures and videos.

At first, I wasn’t interested in taking photos, but when I tried to, I felt happiness and excitement at the same time. Photography is now my system, without it, my life would be boring and I won’t be able to see the world in a different view. Life is like a camera, because it teaches you to only look or focus on what is important, capture great moments and happenings and lastly if things didn’t work out on your first try, you can take another shot. Cameras are teachers, it teaches me to appreciate simple things, because those simple things can mean anything. As a photographer, I mostly take pictures of different places that I’ve been to, those places that I photographed have an impact on me and a deeper meaning. Cameras are constant, because when we take pictures it doesn’t change, it stays what it is. There is a part of a camera that is called “lens”, lenses are like the human eye because we see things differently, with those lenses it helps us see things clearly in life. Cameras have a setting called “blur”, in life you need to blur things that are not important and only focus on your goal.

I fell in love with photography, because there is a saying by Susan Sontag “Today everything exists to end in a photograph”, because as time pass by, we will back to those photographs to feel again the past. Life is short like a camera flash because we have a time limit and time changes fast and in a split second anything can happen. Cameras are like our parents, it teaches us that before we open the shutter we must think and look. I always bring my camera/ smartphone with me, because for me when I take pictures is doesn’t have to be attractive or beautiful for other people, for me I take picture of places or things that other people won’t look or not common to the other people.

Cameras are objects but they can be a part of a human life, they can impact the way you view a particular place, object and even a person. You don’t need expensive cameras just to have a better quality or better specs, no matter what camera you use, if you can use it wisely, you can be a photographer. With a camera, you can look back and cherish the pictures you capture, like I said photographs doesn’t change. Cameras are happiness, you can’t get enough of it once you held it and use it. Cameras are like story makers and pictures are stories that we can’t put into words and actions. Bruno Barbey said that “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” because behind every picture has there meaning, and when you take pictures you don’t just take it, you make it and you give a meaning to it and there is a reason why you took a picture of that particular subject.

Ps. All pictures are taken by me

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